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a new taylor swift song!!! | carolina – taylor swift *reaction*


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// s o c i a l :: m e d i a
♡ i n s t a g r a m |
♡ b e a u t y :: i n s t a g r am |
♡ t w i t t e r |
♡ p i n t e r e s t |
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♡ t i k t o k | @angieflippi

// c h a p t e r s
0:00 – intro
1:54 – carolina – taylor swift reaction
5:24 – seeing what genius says
6:19 – final thoughts
7:27 – outro

// faq:
♡ why are there so many edits/cuts? i need to edit and make cuts to have a lesser chance of my videos getting blocked or demonetized due to copyright.
♡ why do you pause so much? i pause because i have thoughts on the song i’m listening to and need to pause the song to get my thoughts out. if i am making a reaction video, i want to react. i want to give my first and honest thoughts/reactions to the song and sometimes i need to pause in order to do that. also, pausing helps with not getting copy-written as well.
♡ why are your intros so long? intros are an important part of videos, especially if you are a youtuber who doesn’t have an established audience yet. aka me. the highest watch time is in the beginning, so if i have something that i want to be heard, i say in that section. + i love chatting & sharing with my viewers and the time to do that is in the intro.
♡ can i request songs? yes! pls leave any requests in the comments, but i just ask, pls first check if i have already reacted to the song that your requesting. u can do this by going to my channel (on desktop) and in the the same section that says ‘home’, ‘videos’, etc, there is also a small magnifying glass icon on far right. click on that and a search bar appears. type the song you want and if i made a video on it already, it will appear.

// a b o u t :: m e
hiii. my name is angie. on my channel you can find music reactions to artists like lil peep, juice wrld, and cold hart as well as more mainstream music reactions to artists like taylor swift, harry styles & olivia rodrigo. i also have a series called music & makeup where i give commentary on multiple songs while doing my makeup + i like to sprinkle in get ready with me’s to have a chance to get more personal and share my life & thoughts on a variety of different subjects. i just love all things media, music & makeup. i know you have many videos that you can be watching right now, so i appreciate that you decided to click on my video out of all the videos you could have chosen to watch today. hello & welcome. i hope you enjoy your stay. ♡

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