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A Walk Through Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina at Sunset | City Sounds for Sleep and Study


Relaxing walk in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Setting of for the Raleigh Arts Festival.

4K video walk for relaxation, stress relief, meditation, study and sleep. As with all my videos, this is not looped or layered, this is a real-time recording, filmed by me, using the best mobile microphones, cameras and audio recorders available.

“It’s more than a trip to a blossoming Southern metropolis—you’ll feel enriched and energized the instant you’re warmly welcomed by its smart, savvy locals. RALEIGH’S BRIGHT MINDS head top-tier technology, education and life science institutions; its artists create a bevy of cultural and culinary touchstones; and its storytellers proudly carry on the collective heritage of a rich, historic capital city.”

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Note: If you’re having trouble with video quality, please check that your device and internet settings can support 4K and that the YouTube video quality is set to 4K. For the best audio experience, listen on a good pair of headphones.

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