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Abortion-rights protest brings 1,500 to rally in Greenville SC


About 1,500 people filled the courtyard at One City Plaza in Greenville on Saturday, chanting and rallying in protest of the Supreme Court ruling that ended Americans’ constitutional right to abortion.

The call and response of passionate women and their allies rang beyond the corner of North Main and East Coffee streets throughout the afternoon.

“My body!” a woman yelled through a speakerphone. 

“My choice!” the crowd chanted in response. 

After 1 p.m., many people continued to occupy the plaza after the event was permitted, according to an email from the Greenville police department. 

One person was arrested after multiple warnings were issued about their interference with roadway traffic, and five more people were taken into custody for charges including disorderly conduct, interfering with police and resisting arrest, police said. 

A video that was shared on Twitter appeared to show Greenville police using force in the detainments. 

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