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Bueno Bueno Ep. 15 – He Proposed After 3 WEEKS! Taking Your Man Back After Cheating & More!


Bueno Bueno y Happy New Year! Today we get some interesting calls from it’s ok he cheated because it was a mistake, military man proposes to a caller after 3 weeks, to the real reason you don’t see Ronald McDonald statues anymore! Hope you enjoy!

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Time Stamps!
00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:54 – Taking your man back after cheating
00:18:10 – He proposed after 3 weeks
00:28:20 – When do you leave the hoe life
00:39:36 – Andrew Tate arrested
00:43:37 – What got us hot this past year
00:47:00 – Surprise birthday parties
00:53:57 – New year plans
01:03:00 – Blueface kicks out his gfs dad
01:06:50 – Master bedroom controversy
01:10:55 – Why you don’t see Ronald McDonald anymore
01:16:00 – Soccer legend Pelé passes away
01:23:15 – Is country music fake
01:25:40 – Patreon Shout outs


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