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Downtown Salisbury Social District officially debuts Friday, July 1


SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) – The Downtown Salisbury Social District (DSSD) becomes official Friday, July 1, after months of preparation, discussion, merchant information sessions and final City Council approval.

A social district is a designated area in which alcoholic beverages are allowed to be carried in open containers on the street. Salisbury’s Social District follows the passing of the Bring Business Back to Downtown Bill by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, which aims to increase economic vitality in North Carolina downtowns.

Beginning Friday, July 1, downtown visitors will be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage in a special DSSD cup from an ABC-permitted, participating business. Participating businesses, including retailers that allow drinks into their stores, will feature a “Downtown Salisbury Social District” sticker at the door/window.

DSSD boundary signs will be posted along the route over the next few days. A boundary map also is available on the Downtown Salisbury website, and accessed via the QR code on all social district signs. Drinks must be consumed within the social district and before entering any vehicle.

Visitors may stroll within the district Monday through Sunday between noon and midnight. Within Bell Tower Green Park, Monday through Sunday, as follows:

o November 1 through March 1: between 5 p.m. and park closing

o March 2 through October 31: between 6 p.m. and park closing

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or sold during and within the boundary of a public street festival, during a special event sponsored by the City of Salisbury, or within the boundary of Bell Tower Green Park when the event is permitted and held per city ordinance. This does not prohibit the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages within Bell Tower Green Park pursuant to a properly licensed and permitted event.

Violations of social district rules should be reported to the Salisbury Police Department at 911.

For more information, lists of participating businesses and rules and regulations, visit //

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