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GameStop and Valve now offer refurbished Steam Decks


If you’re looking to save on a refurbished Steam Deck, you now have two reputable retailers to turn to. Both Valve and GameStop now offer refurbished models of the Steam Deck, amounting to a 20% savings versus the standard price of Valve’s popular handheld PC.

The prices are nearly identical between the two. The 64 GB version from either store is $319.99 ($399 new), while the 256 GB costs $429.99 (it’s $419 at Valve, down from $529 new). At both retailers, the 512 GB model is selling for $519.99 ($649 new).

At GameStop, stock is currently limited to GameStop Pro members, and is only available in-store (it built a handy tool to track participating locations). It might be your preferred route compared to buying from Valve if you’ve got some GameStop store credit burning a hole in your pocket. For everyone else, shopping online through Valve is undoubtedly easier.

All refurbished Steam Decks sold through GameStop are packaged within a carrying case, and come with a 30-day warranty that allows you to return or replace the item due to any hardware failure or accidental damage — the same coverage that you’ll get with other GameStop-refurbished hardware. On the other hand, refurbished Decks purchased from Valve have the same one-year warranty as new models, and include a carrying case and a refurbished power adapter.

In case you’re still weighing your options, GameStop recently revamped its $25 per year Pro membership, which gives you $5 of in-store credit each month while you’re a member, with an additional $5 applied when you renew. Pro members are also entitled to a 5% discount on pre-owned games and consoles, in addition to GameStop’s protection plans.

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