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Living in a SHED | Tiny House Tour in Charlotte North Carolina!


Living in a SHED | Tiny House Tour in Charlotte North Carolina!
We did an Airbnb tiny house tour in Charlotte, NC, and tried our hand at tiny living in a shed. We booked this magical tiny house Airbnb for a weekend and want to share our experiences. We recommend staying here if you’re looking for a brief stay or looking to move to a tiny home like this one.

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This custom-built house was so warm and inviting, and it offers most of the comforts a full-sized home would despite its dimensions. Come with us on this tiny house tour as we “embrace tiny living in a magical, bespoke little home”

Also, thank you to our host Mel and her family for being so accommodating. It’s amazing how this little backyard space can offer so much, and feel so modern inside.

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00:00 Charlotte Skyline
00:05 Tiny House Shed
00:35 Tour Start
00:58 Lounge Area
01:20 Kitchen
01:42 Bathroom
02:22 Loft Area
02:38 Bedroom
03:27 Our Thoughts on the Airbnb
03:55 Sara’s Tour

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