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Man swings excavator bucket to threaten troopers arresting his son ::


— A Vermont man was caught on video using an excavator to threaten state troopers while they were taking his son into custody.

State troopers were at the home of Wayne Tallman in Hardwick, Vermont to arrest Tallman’s son, 24-year-old Brandon Tallman.

Dashcam video showed two troopers apprehending the man on June 12 when Wayne Tallman got behind the controls of the machine.

Troopers wrestled with the suspect while trying to avoid the machinery as the bucket started to swing at them and a state police vehicle.

Troopers were eventually able to coax Wayne Tallman out of the excavator. He was arrested for aggravated assault on a protected official, resisting arrest, impeding and reckless endangerment.

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