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Roe v Wade: North Carolina politicians react to Supreme Court overturning abortion laws


RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — North Carolina leaders, like much of their constituents, are reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion protections in the United States.

The Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 decision of Roe v Wade that codified the constitutional right to abortion.

This ruling does not immediately make abortion illegal in North Carolina, but that’s largely due to the Tar heel state’s tightly split voters. Republicans have pushed to place more restrictions on abortions, but Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed those efforts and vowed to continue to do so.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Thom Tillis praised the decision calling it “historic and monumental.”

Former NC Supreme Court Chief Justice & current candidate for US Senate Cheri Beasley:

US Senate candidate Ted Bud:

NC Attorney General Josh Stein:

Rep. G. K. Butterfield (NC-01):
“Today is a sad day in American jurisprudence.”

Rep. Alma Adams (NC-12):
“I’m angry, that’s all that can be said. While abortion care is still legal in the State of North Carolina, today’s decision is fundamentally wrong.”

Executive Director of North Carolina Values Coalition Tami Fitzgerald:
“This is a huge victory for unborn babies and their mothers, and lives are already being saved in Mississippi and other states around the country. Around 26 states today became pro-life, unfortunately North Carolina is not one of them.”
“In North Carolina, our work is only beginning. Our laws should recognize that life is a human right. Because of modern medicine and science, we now know that unborn babies have a heartbeat at about six weeks, and by fifteen weeks they have fully formed noses, lips and eyebrows, suck their thumbs, and they feel pain. It is time for the law to catch up with the science and modernize our laws.”

As more North Carolina leaders release statements in response to the Supreme Court ruling, we will add them to this article.

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