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Shark attack: Man swimming in North Carolina’s Outer Banks is state’s 7th victim


Originally published on 02 July, 2015

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A seventh shark attack has been reported in North Carolina when a man swimming in Outer Banks’ Ocracoke Island was bitten on Wednesday.

A 68-year-old man was attacked by a gray nurse shark while swimming in waist-deep water just 30 feet from shore near North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island. He suffered injuries to his left lower torso, his hip, his lower left leg and both of his hands.

The man is the seventh person to fall victim to a shark attack in North Carolina within a month. The string of attacks began in June 11 at Ocean Isle Beach when a 13-year-old girl suffered cuts to her foot after a shark attacked her. Most recently, an 18-year-old man suffered serious injuries to his legs and hands after a shark attacked him on June 27. He was taken to a hospital in Virginia in critical condition.

This year has seen the highest number of attacks in one year since the Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File began keeping records of attacks 80 years ago.

More frequent droughts in the area may contribute to the high rate of attack. As less freshwater makes it to the sea, high salinity levels near the shore attract both small fish and sharks.


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