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Station 19 – Glamorous Life (Season Finale)


The last episode was outside its usual surroundings and took place at the annual Firefighters ball. A new captain of 19 was named, which did lead to disappointments and broken relationships. But we got some mended relationships as well. And of course, it could not all go well the Ball ended in disaster.

Carina doesn’t have a dress for the Firefighters Ball, since she had thought for a while that she wouldn’t be accompanying Maya to the event. So Maya suggests she should wear her wedding outfit, to which she agrees. But before Carina gets a chance to get dressed Maya seduces her to make out. They end up in bed, discussing growing their family and how many kids they want to raise afterward. Then Carina confesses she has been researching IVF doctors while they were both working on their relationship. Maya responds with ‘Let’s do it’ meaning they will continue to try and grow their family next season, hopefully with more luck this time.

At the firefights ball, Andy is lobbying for Chief Ross to get her to stay on as chief. Chief Ross appreciates it but doesn’t want her to do it. It will look bad on her when she is named captain. She promoted Andy officially as the new captain of Station 19. Both Ruiz and Sullivan are disappointed that Andy made captain over them. Ruiz blames her for playing a game, and Sullivan blames Chief Ross. Both men take their disappointment out on their relationship, Sullivan breaking up with Ross, who finally tells him she wants to be open about their relationship. And Ruiz on Vic, who couldn’t do anything right in his eyes and was unsupportive of him.

Jack keeps running into a pregnant woman who seems to be struggling to do her job due to cramping in her stomach. After a few run-ins she tells Jack she is in labor but that if she stops denying it, it becomes more real. The baby becomes real. We learn this was an unwanted pregnancy, and she is debating giving the baby up for adoption but hasn’t decided on a family yet. We see how far Jack has come here because even though he struggled a lot after finding out he was the only one of his siblings who was put up for adoption, he supports the woman completely.

Jack is asked to check something in the kitchen since there is an issue with the ovens. In the kitchen he sees smoke coming from one of the walls. And all of a sudden Andy, Chief Ross, and more men come into the kitchen to take command and get to the source of the fire in the building. Meanwhile, Bailey gets impatient about the award ceremony, since she and Warren need to be on a flight to Boston for the Harper Avery Awards. She takes matters into her own hands and takes the stage. While Kitty Dixon tries to get her off, Bailey gives her iconic stare down and Kitty backs off. After this Bailey gives a speech on the respect she has for firefighters and praising Warren for his actions and handing over his medal. So afterward they can leave for the airport.

While opening up walls to find where the fire has spread and to put it out Andy also notices in the basement that the ballroom floor is about to give in. They need to evacuate everyone off the floor, but the moment they run into the ballroom yelling for everyone to get off the floor collapses, leaving Jack hanging off the ledge. Chief Ross, Dixon, Kate Powell, the pregnant women, and possibly more victims fell through the floor leaving them with various injuries. Andy immediately takes control of the scene in her new position as captain ordering everyone to start working or leave if they are not needed there.

The pregnant woman is pulled up first, she is in bad shape. They move her to the kitchen area, where Carina starts doing CPR on her. After five minutes the ambulance personnel is ready to take her to the hospital but nobody else is moving. Carina explains that they have a five-minute window when doing CPR and they need to get the baby out for both of them to have a chance of survival. After Carina performed the C-section in the kitchen they pack the woman up to get to the hospital. The baby seemed okay and was crying while Maya continued CPR on the woman.

Dixon is stuck under large bricks of debris, and while Kitty desperately wants to go down and save him it is Travis who goes down to help him, Dixon seems to know his end is nearing and tries to make amends with Travis by telling him out of all of Emmet’s boyfriends he liked him the most. As soon as the debris is lifted off Dixon he crashes and Travis starts doing CPR. After a while, Andy tells him to stop because he is dead.

Sullivan frantically searches for Natasha. When he finds her and pulls her up, she is still unconscious. He is desperate for her to wake up because only then he realizes how much he loves her. So when she wakes up, they kiss.

While Jack kept pushing everyone away by telling them he was fine, we see clear signs of him not being okay. Andy warns him that he cannot have another concussion, so he promises her to get it checked out. But before he can he walks over to Travis and collapses on the floor. So this season we get to wonder yet again, is Jack okay and will he be there next season?

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