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Israeli tanks take position inside Gaza Strip, prepare for incursion


In a significant escalation of tensions, IDF ground troops have intensified their operations within Gaza, aiming to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas, as confirmed by IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari on Friday evening. Reports from Palestinian media indicated that Israeli tanks took strategic positions within the Gaza Strip late on Friday.

Hagari grimly reported the toll of the conflict: 310 soldiers have tragically lost their lives since the devastating Hamas massacre on October 7. Despite ongoing efforts, only two out of 229 known hostages have been liberated, with Hamas claiming that 50 hostages have been killed.

During an evening briefing, Hagari revealed the intensified military actions: “In the last few hours, we have significantly increased our attacks in Gaza, utilizing air, sea, and land forces.”

The IDF had been issuing threats of a full ground invasion for over two weeks, but various factors, both known and unknown, have delayed the operation. However, on Thursday, IDF troops were deployed inside Gaza to target Hamas positions, both on the ground and via naval operations. Remarkably, the troops executed their mission and returned without any casualties.

Simultaneously, in the north, Israel faced clashes with Hezbollah forces. Throughout the afternoon and evening, rockets were fired at Israel from Hezbollah positions. In response, the IDF retaliated, successfully eliminating terrorists attempting to infiltrate the country from the north. Hagari emphasized a zero-tolerance policy: “Anyone attempting to infiltrate the country will be eliminated.”

Despite the intense hostilities, no soldiers were injured during the Hezbollah rocket attacks on Friday. The situation remains highly volatile, with both sides engaged in fierce confrontations.

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