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Biden to Netanyahu: Israel must immediately and significantly boost aid to Gaza


In a recent telephonic exchange, President Joe Biden of the United States conveyed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the urgent necessity to significantly augment the inflow of humanitarian aid into Gaza, as stated by the White House. Despite Israel’s reopening of the second water pipeline supplying Gaza, a staggering 90% of the region’s water is self-sourced. This water undergoes desalinization and treatment processes, hampered by fuel shortages. Israel accuses Hamas of diverting fuel from civilian use, potentially pushing hospitals to the brink of collapse.

The United Nations issued a warning, highlighting the disintegration of civil order in Gaza as thousands plundered its food storage amid the ongoing conflict. During their conversation about the Gaza situation, President Biden emphasized the immediate and substantial escalation of humanitarian assistance, crucial to meeting the essential needs of Gaza’s inhabitants.

Additionally, the President reaffirmed Israel’s legitimate right and duty to safeguard its citizens from terrorism. He stressed the importance of conducting these defensive actions in compliance with international humanitarian laws, with a paramount focus on safeguarding civilians. The two leaders also delved into efforts to locate and ensure the release of hostages, including American citizens, potentially held by Hamas. Both leaders committed to maintaining regular communication through their respective national security teams.

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