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IDF Eliminates Tunnel-Based Threat, Rosh Pina Faces Rocket Fire


In the recent military operations, the IDF conducted a series of airstrikes, tank fire, and artillery attacks in the northern Gaza Strip, expanding its ground activities. The night between Saturday and Sunday was illuminated by flashes over Gaza as the IDF targeted terror-related sites. The city of Sderot, located on the Gaza border, resonated with continuous explosions, contrasting the once-quiet streets, now evacuated due to safety concerns.

According to IDF reports, 450 targets were struck, surpassing the intensity of previous nights. These targets included operational command centers, observation posts, and anti-tank missile launch sites. Despite the IDF’s efforts, an officer was severely injured by a mortar shell in northern Gaza. Additionally, terrorists attempting to exit a tunnel near the Erez crossing were neutralized.

Aircraft guided by IDF troops targeted two staging grounds of the Hamas terrorist organization, resulting in the elimination of several terrorists. In a separate incident, terrorists emerged on the coast of Gaza near Zikim but were swiftly dealt with by the IDF. The military structures of Hamas, along with observation posts and other military infrastructure, were also struck.

As of the afternoon on October 29, 311 IDF members had fallen, and there were 230 known hostages in Gaza. The IDF continues its operations in both the north and south regions. In northern Israel, ongoing terrorist threats were reported, leading to IDF responses against the perpetrators. Any Hezbollah cell approaching the border will face immediate strikes, according to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesperson.

Moreover, clashes between Israel and Hezbollah have disrupted the livelihoods of fishermen in Tyre, Lebanon, making it perilous to sail into nearby fishing grounds. UNIFIL reported that one of its members was wounded in Lebanon due to the conflict.

On the domestic front, Israel announced amendments to the 2016 Counter-Terrorism Law, allowing the designation of individual terror operatives. The Ministry of Defense collaborated with suppliers to make advance payments for purchases from Israeli industries, ensuring a consistent supply chain. Furthermore, the IDF received tomatoes from communities around the Gaza Strip, aiding in food provision despite the ongoing conflict.

Additionally, the IDF introduced a new course for field observers, emphasizing the vital role these soldiers play in safeguarding Israeli civilians. Despite the challenges faced during the war, the IDF remains committed to maintaining its enlistment schedule and supporting the bravery of its soldiers, even amidst the trauma and high casualties experienced on the border.

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