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Adidas Is Selling Miles Morales’ ‘Worst’ Spider-Man 2 Suit


Miles Morales has a lot of stylish new suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, one of the new suits Miles is getting virtually tarred and feathered online for being one of his absolute worst superhero looks. Someone probably should’ve let Adidas know, because now the athletic clothing company is selling the much-chastised suit in its collaboration event with the game.

Adidas announced its Marvel’s Spider-Man 2-inspired clothing collection back in October. At the time, the collection only featured a stylish shoe inspired by Peter Parker’s venomized Spider Suit. It’s got a pretty clean design, all things considered. Now, the shoemaker is selling compression tops, leggings, and running shoes inspired by Miles’ “Evolved Suit,” which just so happens to be the suit fans so dislike in the game.

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The Evolved Suit, which you unlock toward the game’s finale, modifies the hero’s OG black and red spandex with Colgate-blue accent marks and an open-top mask exposing his starter locs. The consensus from a majority of Spider-Man 2 fans is that this new original suit isn’t his best look.

Here’s a closer look at Adidas’ Miles-inspired sportswear.

An image shows Adidas' Miles Morales-inspired compression top.

Image: Adidas / Sony / Marvel / Insomniac Games / Kotaku

An image shows Adidas' Miles Morales-inspired leggings.

Image: Adidas / Sony / Marvel / Insomniac Games / Kotaku

An image shows Adidas' Miles Morales-inspired shoes.

Image: Adidas / Sony / Marvel / Insomniac Games / Kotaku

Both the “moisture managing” top and the “3D-sculpted pouch” leggings cost $50 a pop. The “soft and comfortable” shoes will cost you a staggering $230. At the moment, the collection is only available to adiClub members and is set to launch on November 3. As you might’ve guessed, players aren’t taking a liking to Adidas’ Miles collab outfits either, and are now claiming that the in-game suit is just product placement for the clothing company.

“I was in the ‘it’s not that bad” camp before but yeah fuck blatant product placement,” one user wrote on the r/Spiderman subreddit. “I thought it was just the shoes, I didn’t realize that the whole suit was Adidas.”

“[I saw] those shoes the very first glance & went “Is this an ad or something? These shoes look hella real’ Lo & behold,” wrote another.

“It makes even more sense when you change the suit colors, the shoes stay the same,” another said.

“As long as it’s not baby powder it’s okay,” suggested another, referencing Miles’ disastrous baby powder controversy in Into the Spider-Verse.

Kotaku reached out to Insomniac Games for comment.

My guess is that Adidas held off on revealing the Miles-inspired fits in its initial announcement of its Insomniac Games collab because it wanted to give players time to appreciate it in-game before revealing the physical product to the spoiler-averse public. If I were in charge of the collab, I would’ve gone all-in on making a fit inspired by Miles’ comfy-looking 10th Anniversary Suit instead.


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