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Elon Musk visits Israel amid four-day truce in Gaza war


In a significant development, Elon Musk visited Israel and held meetings with President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Musk solidified an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Communication concerning the utilization of Starling satellite technology in the Gaza Strip. Accompanied by Netanyahu, the American billionaire toured the Israeli kibbutz that fell victim to the Hamas militants’ onslaught on October 7th.

Witnessing the aftermath of the Hamas attack, Musk was guided through the affected areas by a local council leader and a representative from the IDF unit, who briefed him on the tragic events in the kibbutz. During this visit, Musk was apprised of the unfortunate story of four-year-old Israeli-American Abigail Eden, who had been abducted to Gaza and was recently released as part of a hostage deal.

Israel has now disclosed a preliminary agreement with Elon Musk, stipulating that the activation of Starling satellite internet services in Gaza requires prior approval from the Israeli Ministry. Communication Minister Schlomo Ki, sharing the information on the social media platform X, emphasized that Starling satellite units can operate in both Israel and the Gaza Strip only after obtaining the ministry’s consent.

In October, Elon Musk expressed that Space Access Starlink would facilitate communication links in Gaza, collaborating with internationally recognized aid organizations. However, Israel’s Communication Minister responded by asserting concerns that Hamas militants might exploit the technology for terrorist activities. Israel, he stated, is committed to using all available means to counteract such potential threats.

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