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Israel-Hamas truce deal ends tonight, conditions for extension


The ongoing truce between Israel and Hamas has reached its fourth and potentially final day. Over the past three days, Hamas released 58 hostages in exchange for Israel releasing 117 Palestinian prisoners. While Hamas has expressed a willingness to extend the 4-day truce, Israel has specified that the extension depends on a list of potential hostages to be released by Hamas, including babies and small children. If this condition is not met, Israel asserts that its assault in Gaza will resume as the current deal expires.The framework allows for the release of additional hostages, providing an extra day of hostage release for every 10 additional hostages released by Hamas. Israel remains committed to its three goals: eliminating Hamas, ensuring Gaza poses no threat to Israel, and releasing all hostages.The truce extension discussions involve regional mediators, with Qatari mediators present in Israel. Additionally, delegations from European Union member states and Arab nations have convened in Barcelona to discuss the recent developments in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Meanwhile, there are international calls for an extension of the truce for a lasting political solution. China’s top diplomat is expected to address the United Nations Security Council on the Israel-Hamas conflict.On the ground, Hamas has released 17 hostages, including a 4-year-old American-Israeli named Abigail Idan, and 39 Palestinian prisoners on Sunday. The situation remains complex as negotiations continue, and the international community urges an extension of the truce for a sustainable and lasting resolution.

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