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Rockstar’s GTA Trailers Are Still Some Of The Best Around



An image shows a director from GTA Vice City.

Image: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

The first trailer for Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto game, likely to be named GTA VI, comes out December 5. What can we expect the trailer to reveal? Well, based on Rockstar’s past GTA trailers, which are fantastic, there’s a pattern that can help us predict what we might see during GTA VI’s official debut.

Few publishers and developers are as good at making trailers as Rockstar Games. The company’s teasers historically feature perfect music choices, memorable moments, and more importantly (and the most difficult to curate), great “vibes.” More often than not, GTA trailers are short, tight videos that perfectly encapsulate whatever world and time period Rockstar is trying to recreate. The vibes are just there, you know?

So before GTA VI (or whatever it ends up being officially named) gets its first trailer, let’s walk down memory lane, re-watch some great trailers, and piece together what we might get from Rockstar’s next GTA teaser.


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