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Israel Hamas War: Israeli army blows up Hamas ‘Hall of Justice’ in huge explosions


In the pursuit of Hamas, our forces are actively engaged in both northern and southern Gaza. Operating with maximum force, our focus is on targeting Hamas terrorists and their infrastructure while minimizing harm to the civilians intentionally placed by Hamas as shields. During the 7-day pause preceding the Hamas violation, we utilized the time to enhance readiness, review intelligence, and refine operational procedures.

Implementing lessons learned from previous phases, we aim to improve the efficiency and precision of our operations on the ground. Our pursuit of Hamas extends to all locations, targeting rocket launchers, weapons depots, command and control centers, senior commanders, underground infrastructure, and any hideouts where hostages may be held.

It is crucial to emphasize that our war is against Hamas, not the people of Gaza. Hamas deliberately positions itself within civilian population centers, placing Gazans at risk of bearing the consequences of their actions. Every civilian death is a tragic outcome that the IDF actively seeks to avoid. Despite the challenges posed by Hamas terrorists using civilians as cover, Israel strives to distinguish between civilians and combatants.

To protect Gazan residents, we provide precise instructions near Hamas centers of gravity, urging them to temporarily move away from potential danger. Additionally, we drop leaflets with QR codes that open maps guiding Gazans to safer areas, divided into neighborhood numbers for specific guidance.

We call on international organizations in Gaza to assist us in these efforts, as collaboration can help save lives. Furthermore, we urge international organizations to ensure that the Red Cross gains access to our hostages in Hamas captivity. Currently, 137 hostages endure inhumane and brutal conditions, and it is essential that our global mission to rescue them becomes an urgent priority.

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