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BREAKING: IDF SHOCKS Hamas and DESTROYS 2nd Biggest Tunnel System


This is day 60 in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the IDF is making remarkable strides, particularly in urban warfare. Reporting from Israel, I’m Y. Pinto. The conflict persists on both the northern and southern fronts of the Gaza Strip. The IDF recently uncovered the second-largest underground tunnel, spanning about 10 kilometers and reaching the Gaza Port, which has been under IDF control for some time.

Special Forces, upon entering the tunnel, encountered 10 Hamas terrorists. Despite the shock, IDF troops neutralized the threat and gathered valuable intelligence. The IDF is now poised to destroy the tunnel using innovative methods such as the SpongeBob collapsing technique or a newly devised device capable of pumping water from the Mediterranean Sea to flood Hamas’s underground terror infrastructure.

According to US reports, the IDF has designed large pumps to flood Hamas tunnels rapidly, compelling terrorists to surface. This development could be a game-changer in the ongoing war against Hamas’s subterranean activities. In another significant event, two Hamas terror cells emerged from an unidentified underground tunnel near the Indonesian Hospital, the second-largest command position of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The terrorists planned to target IDF armored units and infantry using a specialized cannon firing armor-penetrating rockets. Placing the cannon near a kindergarten, they fired at IDF troops. However, IDF forces deployed remotely controlled unmanned vehicles, which proved resilient to the attacks. A malfunction in the handmade rockets led to an explosion, injuring some terrorists. IDF forces closed in, neutralizing them.

In a humanitarian effort, the IDF created a corridor for civilians to evacuate safely, allowing them to escape disguised as Palestinian civilians. However, using advanced technology, the IDF identified and arrested Palestinian terrorists attempting to exploit the corridor.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit revealed the names of additional soldiers who lost their lives in the conflict, underlining the sacrifices made in this war against Hamas terrorists. A temporary ceasefire was announced in the Rafa area to facilitate humanitarian aid work.

Concerns were raised about Hamas refusing to release female hostages, with suspicions that they don’t want the world to hear the captives’ accounts. International efforts, including a British plane scanning the Gaza Strip, aim to locate the Israeli hostages.

France has taken a firm stance, freezing the assets of Hamas leader Yahya Sin. Despite evidence and videos depicting Hamas’s attacks and treatment of Israeli civilians, there’s a global reluctance to recognize Israel’s fight against this terror organization.

As I conclude, I share the sadness of being away from family and everyday life for 60 days. The determination to restore security to Israel’s borders and defeat Hamas remains strong. Your help is sought in sharing the truth about the situation in Israel, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and the safety of Israeli troops and hostages in Gaza.

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