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IDF captures suspected terrorists during heavy fighting in Gaza


In a recent intense operation in Gaza, the IDF successfully captured suspected terrorists. Israeli brigades, with support from the Yahalom unit, uncovered and destroyed seven Hamas tunnel shafts, eliminating dozens of terrorist targets. The 36th Division engaged in face-to-face battles with Hamas terrorists, discovering significant amounts of ammunition, charges, and weapons.

During the clashes, Hamas terrorists, disguised in civilian clothing, attempted to ambush Israeli soldiers by crawling on their stomachs and setting up anti-tank missile launch sites inside civilian buildings in Gaza’s Jabalia area. Video footage retrieved from a Hamas terrorist’s bodycam, who was killed by Nahal Brigade soldiers, exposed their tactics.

Another video emerged, showing numerous Palestinian men stripped down to their underwear, lined up on their knees after reportedly being captured by Israeli soldiers in northern Gaza. The captives, believed to have surrendered near the Jabalia area, were paraded through Palestine Square in Gaza City. The men’s belongings, including shoes and sandals, were scattered across the street. Israeli reports indicate that the men were stripped to ensure they weren’t carrying weapons. IDF soldiers rounded them up and transported them on trucks.

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