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Battle intensifying in Northern Gaza between IDF, Hamas


In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the intensity of the battle has escalated. IDF-released images depict fierce fighting in Northern Gaza between Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas. As the war enters its third month, the death toll in Gaza exceeds 177,000, according to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. UNICEF reports that nearly a million children have been displaced.

A resolution for a ceasefire at the UN was vetoed by the United States, the sole dissenting vote. Doctors Without Borders condemned the veto as a vote against humanity. The U.S. defended its decision, citing the lack of condemnation for the terror attack on October 7th, including sexual violence unleashed by Hamas.

The Israeli Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the U.S. stance. Despite ongoing efforts, 137 hostages remain held in Gaza. The family of one hostage, Sahar Bar Rug, reports his death after an unsuccessful IDF special ops rescue attempt from a Hamas hideout.

Mourners gathered at a vigil for those missing or lost after the October 7th attack, expressing both grief and frustration. Meanwhile, Houthi rebels announce plans to blockade Aid to Israel via the Red Sea unless more food and medicine reach Gaza. The U.S. State Department intends to send $107 million worth of tank ammunition and equipment to Israel, emphasizing its commitment to Israel’s security.

For further insights, tune in to “This Week” tomorrow, where Martha Raddatz speaks with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about the latest developments in the Israel-Hamas war and its domestic fallout.

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