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Face-to-face encounters with Hamas terrorists


Good evening. On day 64 of the war, the battles persist with unyielding intensity on all fronts. The IDF has escalated its operations in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, engaging in direct confrontations with terrorists. Along the northern border, Israel faced over ten attacks from the air throughout the day, resulting in three soldiers wounded by a guided missile attack.

Tonight, thousands rallied in Tel Aviv for the hostages, and those who were released are preparing to make a special statement. Simultaneously, the Houthis on the Red Sea continue their threats, declaring their intent to attack every ship passing to Israel. The evening reports cover events from north to south, offering comprehensive coverage of the ongoing situation.

Regrettably, four soldiers were killed in the last 24 hours, with names and details provided. Additionally, Sahar Baruch, who spent 64 days in Hamas captivity, was announced to have been killed. Rest in peace. For more information on the battles and incidents leading to casualties, including footage of face-to-face encounters, I’ll now pass it to Roy Sharon.

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