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Hamas terrorists are surrendering in Gaza


Today, December 10th, marks the 65th day since the war between Israel and Hamas began. Additionally, tonight is the fourth day of Hanukkah, with the fourth candle being lit in the menorah. Israeli newspapers report signs of strain within Hamas, indicating a struggle in the Gaza Strip. The articles highlight both the achievements of Israeli fighters and the challenges faced in ongoing conflicts.

One article points to ongoing attacks by Hamas terrorists in areas that have been contested for over a month, challenging the narrative of their weakening. Another opinion piece emphasizes the slow, systematic, and successful military action by the IDF, questioning whether the Israeli government can effectively leverage this progress. Rare documentation from battles in Saia in the northern part of Gaza is featured, shedding light on the frontline experiences, including those of a female doctor serving alongside her husband.

The newspapers also cover the tragic losses of Israeli soldiers, including Gadi Eizenkot’s son and nephew. International news reflects on the U.S. vetoing a UN resolution for a ceasefire, allowing Israel to continue its fight. Concerns about the deteriorating mental health of children, with 83% reportedly suffering from emotional distress, are discussed. Lastly, the newspapers share stories of Kanaka celebrations and candle lighting across various fronts in Israel.

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