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Defense Minister claims Hamas is at a breaking point


On December 11th, day 66 of the war and the fifth day of Hanukkah, the IDF continues its intense efforts in the southern part of Gaza. Defense Minister Galant stated that Hamas is nearing a breaking point, acknowledging the high toll with over 100 soldiers killed since the ground maneuver. Today, seven soldiers were officially announced as killed, five in an explosion in Khan Yunis. Their names are Roman Brunin, Evyatar Cohen, Elia Yanovski, Itay Perry, and Ari Yehiel Zenilman. Additionally, Gideon Ilani was killed in a different battle in the Gaza Strip, and a military traffic accident claimed the life of Major Gal Bachar.

The report highlights the arrest of senior Hamas figures, close associates of the leadership, providing valuable intelligence to the IDF. Over 1,200 people, including prominent individuals, have been interrogated, enhancing IDF capabilities. Efforts to secure the release of 137 hostages are ongoing, with expectations of progress in negotiations next week due to military pressure.

In the north of the Gaza Strip, the IDF is making strides, anticipating the completion of operations in Shejaiya and Jabalia in the next few days. This progress will allow the IDF to shift forces to the south, particularly in the Khan Yunis area. Minister Galant emphasizes that Hamas members surrendering indicates the group’s desperation, with reports that some participated in the October 7th attack.

The report also covers an incident in Kanun, where five IDF soldiers were killed in a complex that had been previously exploded by the Israeli Air Force. The IDF faces challenges, but the cooperation between ground forces, the Air Force, and intelligence is notable. Chief of Staff emphasizes that the pace of the ground maneuver is impressive, acknowledging the difficulties but stating that it’s progressing well.

In summary, day 66 involves intense battles, progress in Gaza, arrests of senior Hamas figures, ongoing negotiations for hostage release, and the IDF’s determination to dismantle Hamas.

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