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Israel Retaliates in the North


In a proactive move, the IDF took the lead, launching extensive waves of airstrikes targeting Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. This decisive action comes in response to recurrent cross-border attacks, signaling Israel’s growing frustration with Hezbollah’s provocations and hinting at the possibility of further escalation. The Israeli Air Force, following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent warning regarding Beirut’s fate, executed strikes on Hezbollah rocket launch sites, military compounds, and other infrastructural assets linked to the terrorist group.

Simultaneously, the IDF addressed an attempted attack on the northern Israeli community of Zarit, striking an anti-tank missile squad in South Lebanon. On the northern front, the IDF remains resolute in repelling and deterring Hezbollah aggression. The Air Force’s precision strikes extend to Hezbollah targets, including operational headquarters, in response to alerts in Galilee, Northern Israel.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced of alleged Israeli Air Force strikes near Damascus, with claims of eight people, including Iranian operatives, sustaining injuries. Israel has remained silent on these purported strikes, occurring after an Israeli drone strike near the Syrian border resulted in four terrorists’ deaths.

Amidst this tension, Hezbollah fired at least eight rockets at Malota from Lebanon, prompting the Iron Dome air defense system to intercept several projectiles. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries. However, six IDF soldiers suffered injuries in Hezbollah drone attacks on a base in the western Galilee.

Israel’s stance is clear – it is growing weary of Hezbollah’s provocations but remains committed to preventing a two-front war. Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that Israel seeks to avert a full-scale war, but the consequences for Lebanon and Hezbollah would be severe if forced into such a conflict. The ongoing skirmishes, marked by daily exchanges of fire, have already claimed civilian lives on both sides and raised concerns about the specter of a broader war with a potential second front for Israel. Media reports suggest casualties on the Lebanese side, including Hezbollah members, further intensifying the gravity of the situation.

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