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Tragic Demise of Inbar Haiman, 27, in Hamas Custody, Officials Confirm


On Saturday evening, the Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum sadly announced the murder of 27-year-old hostage Inbar Haiman. She had been abducted by Palestinian terrorists during the Hamas-led attack on southern Israel that took place on October 7.

Inbar Haiman, a visual communications student from Haifa, was volunteering at the Supernova desert rave when terrorists attacked, resulting in the massacre of at least 360 partygoers and the abduction of dozens. Her body is currently believed to be held by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Details surrounding Haiman’s death, including the manner and time, were not disclosed by the Forum. Haiman is survived by her parents and a brother, who were notified of her tragic death by authorities.

In the chaos that unfolded at the Supernova desert rave, Haiman had initially sought refuge under a stage and later under a bush with friends. Regrettably, she was discovered by two Hamas terrorists armed with knives, who forcibly took her away on a motorbike. A distressing video posted by Hamas on Telegram later showed Haiman in a bloodied and beaten state, surrounded by four men.

The announcement of Haiman’s death comes a day after the recovery of the bodies of two soldiers, Cpl. Nik Beizer (19) and Sgt. Ron Sherman (19), and one civilian hostage, Elia Toledano (28), who were all taken captive by Hamas on October 7.

Currently, 128 hostages are believed to remain in Gaza, though not all are alive. A weeklong truce in late November led to the release of 105 civilians from Hamas captivity. Before that, four hostages were released, and one was rescued by troops. Tragically, the military accidentally killed three hostages on Friday.

Families of the hostages gathered on Saturday to discuss intensifying protests against the government, urging renewed talks with Hamas for the release of captives. With the uncertainty surrounding the fate of their loved ones, they expressed the urgent need for a resolution.

Israel’s conflict with Hamas escalated on October 7 when thousands of Hamas-led terrorists launched a deadly attack on southern Israel. The terrorists wreaked havoc across more than 20 communities, resulting in over 1,200 casualties and the seizure of around 240 hostages. In response, Israel initiated an aerial and ground campaign with the goal of eliminating Hamas and ending its 16-year rule in the Gaza Strip while ensuring the safe return of all hostages.

The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza has reported over 18,700 Palestinian casualties since the start of the conflict, but the accuracy of this number remains challenging to verify independently. This figure is believed to include both Hamas-affiliated operatives and civilians killed by misfired Palestinian rockets.

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