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PM Netanyahu in Christmas message: As we stand together, we will prevail and win this war.


In extending Yuletide greetings to our global Christian compatriots, I extend heartfelt wishes for a Joyous Christmas. This festive season, traditionally synonymous with universal goodwill and tranquility, unfortunately, finds our terrestrial abode bereft of the anticipated serenity. Regrettably, the semblance of peace is elusive on our front, and the anticipated benevolence towards all humanity remains obscured. The challenges we confront are akin to encountering formidable adversaries—malevolent entities that perpetrate heinous acts, including the brutal slaying of innocent offspring witnessed by anguished progenitors and the grievous demise of guardians in the presence of their wards.

These abominable adversaries engage in atrocities that extend to reprehensible acts such as the violation and decapitation of women, the egregious immolation of infants, and the nefarious act of holding defenseless babies as hostages. The ongoing conflict transcends the geographical boundaries of Israel; it symbolizes a broader clash between civilization and barbarism. In recognizing the gravity of this situation, I find solace in the solidarity we share with you, our esteemed supporters.

Expressing my profound gratitude for your unwavering support and invoking gratitude for your earnest prayers, I seek to impart assurance. Together, united in our resolve, we shall overcome the adversarial forces arrayed against us. This is not merely a struggle for the preservation of Israel; it represents a collective endeavor to safeguard the very fabric of our shared values and the trajectory of our joint destiny. Once again, I extend heartfelt thanks for your steadfast solidarity as we navigate through these trying times.

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