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Israel-Hamas War: The Coming FULFILLMENT Of Isaiah 2 Prophecy


In the midst of the current challenging circumstances here in Jerusalem, we acknowledge the profound gravity of the times we find ourselves in. During such moments, our focus naturally turns to the divine, seeking both solace and guidance. This quest for direction becomes even more crucial as we grapple with the complexities and diversities of our situation.

As we reconvene in our Jerusalem studio, we are privileged to host Dr. Eres, the esteemed president of the One for Israel Bible College. Familiar to many through platforms like YouTube, One for Israel plays a significant role in disseminating information about Israel. Dr. Eres, a respected figure in the Messianic community, shares insights amid the current crisis that our nation is undergoing. A pervasive atmosphere of mourning is evident, as portrayed nightly on television screens through interviews with affected families. Witnessing such suffering inevitably elicits an emotional response.

Yet, our faith is anchored in the assurance that the Messiah’s role encompasses not only providing solace but also ushering in a transformative era. In agreement with this sentiment, Dr. Eres emphasizes the prophetic verses from Isaiah 2. The imagery of the mountain of the Lord rising above the hills and nations flowing to it invokes a sense of divine order and justice. The promise of swords being turned into plowshares and the cessation of warfare paints a hopeful picture of a future restoration.

This promise, delivered in a time when the Assyrians besieged Jerusalem, holds contemporary relevance. Dr. Eres believes that the fulfillment of these prophecies awaits a future moment when the geography of Temple Mount will be altered, and the Messiah, the ultimate Comforter, will reign. A pivotal aspect of this reign involves the nations not only paying homage but also seeking understanding and enlightenment. The analogy of their approach being akin to a river adds a poetic dimension to this anticipated gathering.

Quoting Jesus’ discourse in Matthew 24, Dr. Eres draws attention to the Messiah’s impending judgment of nations based on their treatment of Israel. In light of the current surge in global anti-Semitism, the prospect of a shift in attitudes towards the God of Jacob offers a glimmer of hope. The anticipated change, a time when honor will be restored, aligns with the ancient blessing to Abraham, emphasizing the global impact of Israel’s chosen status.

The conversation shifts to the present, acknowledging the prevailing mourning and suffering. Dr. Eres emphasizes the importance of joining in the collective grief and crying out to the Lord. This period of mourning, however, is seen as transient, leading to a time of comfort and hope. The ancient promise to Abraham resurfaces, reminding believers to hold onto the assurances found in the sacred scriptures.

In this reflective dialogue, the call to the Church is clear – to empathize with the people of Israel in their current plight, engaging in collective mourning and fervent prayer. The mention of the impending judgment of nations reinforces the interconnectedness of Israel’s destiny with the broader geopolitical landscape. Comfort, viewed as a divine gift, becomes a tangible reality in the person of the Messiah.

As the interview concludes, the focus remains on extending warmth and peace from Jerusalem to all those who find themselves traversing difficult times. The encouragement to cling to God’s promises resonates, underscoring the enduring hope that transcends even the darkest moments

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