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Hamas using Children as a Tactic


In today’s updates, we bring you the latest on the conflict in Israel and Gaza. As the fighting persists, Israel is formulating a post-war governance plan for Gaza. Defense Minister Yoav has outlined a comprehensive four-part strategy, emphasizing ongoing Israeli control of security, a task force led by the U.S. and supported by European and moderate Arab nations for civil affairs oversight, Egypt’s responsibility for civilian border crossings, and the maintenance of existing Palestinian administrative mechanisms.

Notably, the plan excludes the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and the return of Israeli communities to the Gaza Strip. This proposal has stirred controversy, particularly among right-wing members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, who oppose a repeat of the forced removal of Israelis from Gaza 18 years ago.

As the conflict unfolds, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on his way to Israel for the fourth time in three months, aiming to prevent the Israel-Hamas war from escalating further in the region. Visiting U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham expressed commitment to bringing stability to Israel and condemned the Hamas massacre.

The Israel Defense Forces continue their mission to dismantle Hamas, uncovering evidence of underground networks and exposing the exploitation of hospitals by Hamas for terrorist activities. Additionally, Israel has revealed that Hamas is indoctrinating children to harbor hatred towards Israel and Jews, confirming concerns raised by advocacy groups over the years.

In other news, a tragic shooting unfolded at Perry High School in Iowa, resulting in multiple injuries and one fatality. The shooter, identified as 17-year-old Dylan Butler, targeted students and a principal before taking his own life. The incident adds to the ongoing discussions around gun violence and school safety.

Shifting focus to the U.S.-Mexico border, Republican lawmakers, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, visited the border in Texas, emphasizing the need for increased border security. They link new aid for Ukraine to enhanced U.S. border security, pointing to the surge in illegal migrant encounters at the southern border.

The immigration crisis remains a significant issue in the upcoming elections, with Republicans advocating for stronger border policies. Meanwhile, Democrats and President Joe Biden stress the need for comprehensive immigration reform to address the challenges posed by the increasing number of migrants.

In the entertainment world, actor Dean Cain, known for his role as Superman, applauds Jason Campbell’s efforts in producing faith-based films. Cain, who has starred in multiple J.C. Films movies, highlights the importance of creating a safe community for people of faith to engage in Christian content.

As we wrap up, we celebrate a milestone at CBN Canada, marking 50 years of impactful ministry. From the initial broadcasts in the late 1960s to the current diverse media outreach, CBN Canada continues to share the Gospel and make a positive impact in the lives of viewers

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