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World’s oldest journalist: ‘The only time I know that I’m old is when I pass a mirror’


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In commemorating a truly exceptional centennial milestone, we celebrate the remarkable Shalom Walter Bingham on his 100th birthday. This momentous occasion is nothing short of incredible, defying belief. Walter Bingham stands adorned with not one but two distinguished Guinness World Records, a testament to his enduring legacy as the oldest working journalist and the oldest host of a radio show. Our pride swells as he graces the airwaves on AR Israel national news.

In a candid conversation, Walter disclosed that, in light of current circumstances, he opts for a subdued observance rather than a grand celebration. Reflecting on the distressing events of October 7th, he draws a poignant parallel to a bygone era in Germany, expressing deep sorrow at witnessing history repeat itself. The stark difference lies in the transparency of the oppressors; while the Nazis concealed their actions, Hamas brazenly documents and flaunts their aggression to the world.

Debates over the Holocaust comparison emerge, with some asserting the existence of the State of Israel as a crucial distinction. Walter, however, counters this argument by emphasizing that the tactics may differ, but the underlying prejudice persists. Drawing parallels to the tumultuous 1930s, he challenges external nations to introspect before dictating terms, citing examples like Catalonia and Quebec’s quests for independence.

Walter’s wealth of experience in covering Israel’s security, defense, and military affairs comes to the fore as he grapples with the surprise attack on October 7th. Acknowledging the intelligence lapse, he underscores the perils of territorial concessions and the warnings from the right. The echoes of the 2005 land exchange reverberate as regrettable, emphasizing the complexity of negotiating a two-state solution.

Venturing into the global landscape, Walter addresses the alarming rise of anti-Semitism. He attributes this resurgence to political distractions, highlighting the infiltration of foreign funds into American universities. Europe, too, grapples with the encroachment of radical Islam, a phenomenon that baffles and concerns him. Drawing an analogy to lemmings, he observes a worrisome trend of collective ignorance.

As Walter pivots to the enduring resilience of the Jewish people, he passionately asserts Israel’s permanence. Comparing the longevity of empires that crumbled to Israel’s steadfast existence, he credits divine intervention and leadership for overcoming adversities. His unwavering faith in the state’s survival, irrespective of political nuances, shines through.

On a personal note, Walter Bingham exudes vitality, defying his chronological age. Balancing the awareness of life’s transience with an active engagement in journalism and broadcasting, he shares his secret to longevity – a garlic-free diet, good genes, and an unyielding commitment to staying mentally and physically active.

As the interview draws to a close, Walter reflects on his fondest hobby of flying planes, expressing a desire to witness Israel’s future unfold in the years to come. With gratitude and well-wishes, we extend heartfelt birthday greetings to this centenarian luminary, wishing him continued vigor on his remarkable journey.

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