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Redwan Force Commander killed in Lebanon by IED. Israel prepares for response


This report provides an update on the current situation in Israel as of January 8th. There’s been an escalation in the north with the assassination of a senior leader of Hamas, part of the Redwan Force. Israel officially announced the move to the third stage of battles in Gaza. The Golani Brigade is active in various locations in the strip, facing surprises from terrorists underground and above ground.

The assassination of the Hamas leader, Wissam al-Tawil, is a significant development. Israel is on high alert for potential retaliation, signaling its unwillingness to tolerate further aggression on the northern border. The location of the assassination, 15 km into Lebanon, sends a clear message that Israel expects Hezbollah to stay north of the Litani River.

Despite concerns from citizens about possible escalation, Israel remains proactive. There have been rocket launches from Gaza towards central Israel, intercepted by the Iron Dome. The IDF is intensifying efforts in the southern part of Gaza, focusing on the third stage of the war. Minister of Defense Yav Galant emphasizes the fight for Israel’s existence, aiming to prevent a recurrence of events like October 7th.

The report also touches on Secretary of State Blinken’s visit, diplomatic negotiations, and the release of a video showing a sign of life from hostage Elad Kir. Additionally, it highlights the intricate underground system discovered in the central part of the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the IDF’s determination to target strategic locations.

Lastly, there’s coverage of a documentation published in the Daily Mail featuring four female hostages, showing their images before and after October 7th. Germany’s stance on Israel is also discussed, indicating both support and a rise in anti-Semitism. The news concludes with a call to follow All Israel News on social media for more updates.

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