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My dog is provided with two square meals of nutritious kibble a day, plus an endless parade of specialty freeze dried treats, Dentastix, and choice tidbits from our plates. And yet, if you were to see us on a walk you would think we starve him. I never realized just how much loose trash is on our streets until I found myself pulling various choking hazards out of his mouth — chicken bones (always chicken bones!! Where do they come from?! Who is eating all this chicken??), frozen hunks of bread, once, an entire rotting raw chicken thigh (that was a low point, for both of us). We are currently under about a foot of snow, so right now a lot of walks involve guessing if he is digging in the snow for a piece of frozen trash, or just sniffing something mysterious that is beyond my limited human perception. My dog is a 10/10 and I love him to bits, but trash is his number 1 vice (his number 2 vice is gnawing on our couch).

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