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The Game Bakers’ Cairn turns mountain climbing into a boss rush


The team behind Furi and Haven is back with something completely different and seriously intense: Cairn. It’s a rock-climbing simulator set on the face of a lethally steep mountain, starring an alpinist who’s determined to be the first person to reach its summit. Players can climb literally everywhere in Cairn, and the challenge lies in maintaining balance and stamina moment-to-moment. If you don’t, the climber falls and dangles on their tether, expelling a scream of frustration. It’s kind of like GIRP, but incredibly elegant and super hardcore.

Cairn is a “survival climber,” according to The Game Bakers, and it includes moments of slow mundanity among the extreme physical exertion. As they ascend, players are able to establish a limited number of checkpoints by screwing pitons into the rock, and choosing where to place these is a critical aspect of the game’s strategy.

The Game Bakers debuted Cairn during the Summer Game Fest opening show. Its development team includes sound designer Lukas Julian Lentz, who worked on Cocoon, and audio director Martin Stig Andersen, whose previous projects include Limbo, Inside and Control. It’s currently scheduled for a 2025 release on PC and consoles.

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