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Israel-Hamas war latest: IDF troops target Gaza City underground tunnels


The Israeli military claims to have killed one of the top rocket Developers for the islamist terror group Hamas during an air strike on Gaza Israeli troops are continuing to battle Hamas in Gaza targeting underground tunnel networks around Gaza City where Hamas are also thought to be holding hostages seized during the October 7 Terror attacks. Israeli air strikes pound Gaza as Israel says the next stage of its war on Hamas is underway. The Israel Defense Forces release this footage of its soldiers on the ground in Gaza they don’t name specific locations but ground troops are believed to be targeting the complex webs of underground tunnels as Israeli troops get further into Gaza City The tunnel systems are going to be a real problem and and they’ be extremely well they won’t clear any until they’re sure no hostages are there. This is the number one priority the Israeli military could aim to drive Hamas militants out of the tunnels or blow the tunnels up or even flood them with seawater. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu says his troops are making progress above and below ground in Gaza the fighting in the south is advancing with a force that Hamas hasn’t known Kaza city is encircled we are operating in and deepening the pressure on Hamas every hour every day so far we have killed thousands of terrorists above the ground and under the ground as Israeli troops Advance on Gaza City in the north armored IDF vehicles are also gathering on Israel’s Southern border with Gaza and the Israeli Navy released footage of operations off the coast of Gaza Israel is targeting Hamas by air on land and potentially soon by sea our correspondent. 

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