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Israel-Hamas war: Israel military says, ‘video shows weapons inside a mosque in Gaza’


Explosions illuminated the sky over Gaza as Israeli forces continued their bombardment after the collapse of a week-long ceasefire on December 1st. Tel Aviv initiated a ground offensive in southern Gaza, pushing from the East into the heart of Khan Yunis. Warplanes targeted the western areas, resulting in deadly clashes and bombings in central and northern urban areas.

On Monday, Israeli police reported multiple impact sites of rocket fragments in Hon, on the edge of Tel Aviv, causing one civilian to be lightly wounded. A video released by the Israeli Army claimed to show weapons inside a mosque in Jabalia, northern Gaza.

The White House expressed concern over reports of Israel using U.S.-supplied white phosphorus in attacks on Lebanon, seeking more details. Lebanon accused Israel of repeatedly using this incendiary weapon in October. Israel’s military states they use white phosphorus as a smoke screen under strict rules, emphasizing operational considerations and availability of alternatives.

The conflict extends beyond Gaza, with increased attacks from Lebanon and maritime incidents involving an Iranian proxy in Yemen. Calls for a ceasefire at the UN intensify, along with demands for aid to reach Gaza. Israel opens the Kerem Shalom Crossing to enhance aid inspection capabilities, but a bottleneck at the Rafa Crossing impedes aid flow from the Egyptian border. The UN General Assembly plans a nonbinding vote for a ceasefire, while Israel urges addressing Hamas’s actions and releasing hostages to end the conflict swiftly.

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