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Israel’s Complex History With The Gaza Strip Made Simple | Israel-Hamas War


The narrative often circulated that Gaza is the largest open prison controlled by Israel oversimplifies the complex situation. The Gaza Strip, on the eastern Mediterranean coast, shares borders with Egypt and Israel. Its history is deeply entwined with conflicts dating back to 1947 when the British Empire governed the region inhabited by both Arabs and Jews.

The 1948 War saw Egypt occupying Gaza, but it remained under military control without annexation. In 1967, Israel gained control during the Six-Day War. Efforts for peace through the Oslo Accords in the ’90s faced opposition, leading to the Second Intifada in 2000.

In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, aiming to end violence. However, subsequent elections brought Hamas to power in 2006, leading to internal conflict with the PLO. The Gaza Strip became a Hamas stronghold, and despite Israel’s withdrawal, ongoing violence ensued.

The claim that Israel completely controls Gaza’s entry and exit is inaccurate. While Israel manages the eastern and northern borders, Egypt controls the southern border since 2005.

The situation is intricate, and blaming Israel alone oversimplifies the complexities, as Hamas, a designated terrorist group, plays a crucial role. They reject Israel’s right to exist, perpetuate violence, and misuse resources, impacting both Israelis and Palestinians negatively.

Efforts toward a peaceful and prosperous life for the people in Gaza face significant challenges due to the ongoing control of Hamas. The need for a secure border is crucial for the well-being of both Israeli and Palestinian populations.

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