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NFL Warns Players About Las Vegas Activities During Super Bowl


Posted on: January 27, 2024, 10:46h. 

Last updated on: January 27, 2024, 10:46h.

The NFL for the first time is hosting its biggest game of the year in Las Vegas, the casino and sports betting town that was shunned by the professional football league for decades until everything changed in May 2018.

NFL Super Bowl Las Vegas
The Super Bowl is coming to Las Vegas on Feb. 11, 2024. The NFL is warning players what they can and cannot do while in town for the big game. (Image: Ticketmaster)

It was nearly six years ago that the US Supreme Court punted a federal law that had limited single-game sports betting to Nevada. Since then, more than 30 states have legalized sports gambling and Las Vegas has become a major sports town.

The NFL has subsequently embraced sports betting, as oddsmakers have been credited for significantly increasing fan engagement leading to higher broadcast and streaming viewership. The NFL’s change of heart culminates with its hosting of Super Bowl LVIII next month at Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders located just west of the Strip.

The big game on Feb. 11 will be decided tomorrow when the Kansas City Chiefs play at the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. The Ravens are favored by four points and the over/under is at 44.5 points. The evening showdown is the Detroit Lions visiting the San Francisco 49ers, with the home team favored by a touchdown and the over/under at 51.5 points.

NFL Player Warning

With Las Vegas rampant with casino gambling and sports betting, the NFL is taking steps to assure player safety and protect the integrity of the big game.

A league statement to players and the NFL Players Association explains that players in town on teams not participating in the Super Bowl are allowed to patronize casinos and gamble, but not on sports. Players on the two teams competing in the big game are barred from all gambling activities, including slot machines and table games.

While in Las Vegas, players participating in the Super Bowl are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling, including casino games and betting on any sport,” the NFL letter read, as reported by Front Office Sports.

The directive applies to all team personnel involved in Super Bowl LVIII.

As Casino.org reported last June, the NFL’s gambling policy prohibits all players, coaches, executives, and other team personnel from betting on NFL games. There are no exceptions, including a player betting on a game he is not involved in or playing.

The covered persons are also prohibited from betting on all other sports while at NFL or team facilities, or in their professional capacities such as traveling. However, when apart from their team and during the offseason, such persons can bet on non-NFL sports.

Super Bowl Record

With the Super Bowl being played in Nevada for the first time, oddsmakers believe the big game could bring record betting action. The record handle for a Super Bowl in Nevada came during Super Bowl LVI in 2022 when books accepted almost $180 million on the Los Angeles Rams’ 23-30 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Books are hoping for a Ravens versus Lions or 49ers showdown, as oddsmakers say there’s some betting fatigue with the Chiefs. Kansas City has participated in three of the previous four Super Bowls, winning two of the big games.

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